Why choose Us?

Why Music Groups?

Research shows that being actively involved in making music benefits children in lots of ways. It improves their concentration and physical co-ordination, develops listening, memory, speaking and ordering skills, and builds self-confidence.

Why these groups?

Making music is always fun, but these groups offer much more than just an enjoyable time on a Saturday morning. They also nurture and develop children's natural music skills. Each session is carefully structured while allowing for creativity and spontaneity and a wide variety of activities ensures everyone is kept constantly active and engaged.

Who runs them?

They are run by Jill Vincent and Nettie

Jill Vincent

Jill is a professional musician as well as a qualified and experienced teacher. She studied music and dance performance at Leicester De Montfort University. She plays the flute and piano and, since moving to Sheffield in 1991, she has been working as a teacher for Sheffield Music Hub as well as teaching the flute privately. 

Jill has been involved in numerous projects for music with early years and for children and adults with learning difficulties. As well as Broomhill Music she runs recorder workshops with local primary schools. She has two children, aged 26 and 20.