Play the Keyboard

Age 7 +

Play the Keyboard Stage 1 is a one-year course for beginners. It introduces all the basic skills involved in playing the electronic keyboard, enabling children to learn in a friendly and supportive setting.

It's fun learning in a group, and ideas are presented in many different ways so that children are kept constantly engaged. The main course material consists of a book and CD with backing tracks and learning is reinforced through a variety of other activities and material.

During the course they become familiar with note values and rhythms in simple time, and play right-hand tunes from traditional notation in the treble clef. Other tunes are memorised, played from finger numbers or improvised

They also learn how to select voices and accompaniments, change the tempo and play simple left-hand chord accompaniments. Playing in time with backing tracks and auto-accompaniments develops their listening and ensemble skills.

Play the Keyboard Stage 2 is for children who have completed the Stage 1 course.

This is a continuation of Stage 1 but with more challenging music, improving dexterity and co-ordination.

More complicated rhythms and finger patterns are used, with more left-hand than in Stage 1.